Day 0

• Saudi International Squash Tournament •  

TODAY at the Saudi International
Friday 15th, Day Zero

You shouldn’t be so lucky people…You were hoping that I would get stopped from enjoying this last event of the 2006 season, but nag nag nag, this time round, I am not missing any of the fun in Al Khobar, thanks to Ziad’s extraordinary team who succeeded to get ALL of the visas for ALL of the players and officials within a matter of hours.

And that’s a lot of visas and paperwork…

Here we are again then. Against all odds. Against all logic. Ziad Al Turki, the man who has redefined the standards in squash, has done it again. And this year, he’s done it better, he’s done it bigger. More money, more seats, more lights, more professionals, more fun. Am I happy and proud to be here to witness the show?

Bet your scarf I am…

So, remember the name. Ziad from ATCO. You know, the company name of Ramy Ashour’s shirt, that both symbolise a new squash, a new generation, a new enthusiasm, a new way of achieving what you’ve put your mind into. And the bright, vibrant, incredible results, llike yet again a tournament in Saudi. A country where it’s so difficult to penetrate. And yet, here we all are. Again.

So, still a few details to be tuned. not everything is perfect of course. But what, or who, apart from me of course, is? Rome wasn't built in one day after all, and PSA certainly not in one season. But what has been achieved here, in the space of 18 months, is more than incredible. It’s purely astonishing.

Guys, you’ve got a Blond French Woman reporting to you from Saudi. Isn’t just that simple fact a pure miracle…???

And you’ve got to believe me, this is just the beginning for Ziad and his team. I can feel it. This is only the beginning…


One of the great things about being on Tour with the Boys is that you get to meet new people. But an even greater thing is to meet those people year on year… That way, you create a totally unexpected multi cultural family, all with a common passion, squash.

And what better way to start an event than to put all those passionate people under the same tent, with swords and songs resounding in the frisky Saudi night?

Delicious food, round tables overflowing with great players, officials, organisers, music, short and appreciated speeches from our own Magic Maker Ziad Al Turki and the irreplaceable Voice of Squash Robert Edwards. Gifts for the players, thanks all around, nice and relaxed atmosphere…

I’m home…

Day 0

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